Dolce Vita II

The newest product on the market from Splash is just what you would expect from one of the pioneers in the business - beautiful. The European styling and technologically advanced structure allows it to blend into almost any landscape or to become the focal point of any backyard. Dolce Vita II provides the elegance you would expect from far more expensive pools.


Craftsmanship: Throughout history, craftsmanship has been at the core of every product that emanates quality and excellence. Craftsmanship is not hidden or disguised. It can be seen, touched and trusted. Splash SuperPools continues to bring craftsmanship to the pool industry with the revolutionary Dolce Vita II Pool.


Elegance: No other pool product in its price range offers the elegance and design of the Dolce Vita II. The classic Dolce Vita II styling blends into any landscape or becomes a distinguished focal point of any backyard.

Performance: Dolce Vita II is built for unforgettable family fun and lasting memories. But, the sophisticated outward appearance is more than just skin deep. The rugged internal support structure is superior to anything of its kind ever used with a swimming pool. Let's face it, it's what's expected from Splash, an industry leader for 30 years in pool design, performance and innovation.

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