Pool Products, Accessories & Chemicals

Olympic Pool and Spa provides a wide variety of pool products including but not limited to the following:


Vinyl Liners


Custom measured, custom made vinyl liners in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Custom measured and manufactured to precise pool measurements (Provides perfect fit and promotes the longest possible liner life). NOTE: We do not and will not use pre-made stock liners that could be several years old. Some companies order stock liners based on recommended dimensions for a particular size pool. This does not take into account special modifications, variations, and (yes) mistakes that a builder may have made in construction. Installing a new liner in your pool that was not manufactured from precise measurements can have disastrous results. If the liner is too small, it will eventually rupture. If it is too large, the loose material will wrinkle. Both of these conditions will greatly reduce or end your liner’s life .Manufactured from finest virgin vinyl and treated with fungicide to inhibit growth of bacteria. Warranty: 20 years to original consumer, prorated (the longest in the industry).


What we do:

  1. Custom measure and manufacture to those specs.

  2. Provide new skimmer, return, and drain face plates, gaskets and stainless steel screws.

  3. We will remove and haul away old liner.

  4. We can do pool bottom structural repairs, but this is not included in the liner installation price. If this kind of work is required, we would be glad to give a quote on the cost of such repairs.



Safety Covers


A more safe and attractive way to cover your pool for winter rather than using tarps.

Olympic Pool and Spa works exclusively with LOOP-LOC safety covers. LOOP-LOC is the

only cover that we sell and install. Why? Our satisfied customers agree with us that they

are simply the best available in the industry. We provide precise measurements,

computer-aided design and quality installation. This process assures a perfect, custom

fit for any shape or size pool. A LOOP-LOC always stays tight, clean and beautiful on your

pool – unlike saggy unsightly solid covers. With a minimum break strength of 125,000

pounds, LOOP-LOC is the strongest pool cover you can buy! Because only LOOP-LOC comes

with the patented SAFEEDGE® child safety intrusion barrier. There’s no way children or pets

can slip through! Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! It’s not a genuine LOOP-LOC unless you

can see the LOOP-LOC name sewn right into the webbing. Don’t you deserve the best pool

cover in the industry?  Call today and we will tell you how easy it is to make your pool safe.




Extend your swimming season with a new high efficiency heater.



Chlorinating Salt Systems

An easy, effective, and convenient way to keep your pool water sparkling clean and sanitized. Minimal work with excellent results.




Brighten the night with LED & Fiberoptic Lighting.FIBERworks™ – Illumination that outshines the rest.


Fiber optic systems fill a pool with soft lighting. Many feel that the light cast by some fiber

optic systems is simply inadequate. FIBERworks™ overcomes this with advanced

OptiFusion™ technologies that allow for more efficient light transmission and distribution.


The facts have never been brighter. Traditional fiber optic lighting systems offer only four

basic colors to choose from. FIBERworks™ systems are available with a color selector

feature that allows you to bathe your pool/spa in any of seven colors with a mere flick of

a switch. Colors include: Azure, Emerald, Lavender, Ice Blue, Tropical Pink, Key-Lime, and Violet.



UltraGlow™ perimeter cable pushes the edge. This clear, side-illuminating fiber optic cable is designed to dramatically accent the perimeter of your pool, spa or patio. Its possibilities are bounded only by your imagination. Fiber optic systems involve sophisticated, state-of-the-art products which require special training to ensure optimum performance. The FIBERworks™ system is available only from factory trained Certified Dealers.



Check out our eco friendly energy efficient pumps






Pools are practically maintenance free when using an automatic cleaner.


Dolphin Cleaner:

Dolphin has a rich heritage of over 35 years cleaning the world’s swimming pools. This heritage is built on a legacy of innovative pool cleaning technologies. Today, we continue to build on those technologies and provide pool owners with products that are efficient and fit into everyday life. Our latest generation of cleaners are cloud connected, giving you the ability to clean your pool from anywhere, anytime. With Dolphin, you can relax knowing your pool will be clean and ready for fun when you are!






Olympic Pool and Spa carries a wide variety toys to enhance your fun in the sun.






Olympic Pool & Spa sells Regal, Leisure Time and SeaKlear Chemicals


Olympic Pool & Spa offers a variety of pool & spa chemicals that are significantly better

than department store products. We carry brand names and industry leaders such as

Regal, SeaKlear and Leisure Time.







Come in for free water testing, advice and training to maintain your pool or hot tub.


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