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Spa Covers


Stop throwing away your valuable energy dollars! Thermal insulated, marine grade vinyl spa covers from Olympic Pool and Spa can actually save money through lower electrical usage. Heat from the spa water rises from convection and heats the underside of the cover. Old or poorly made cover covers can conduct heat through instead of reflecting it back. Our high quality, custom fit spa cover greatly reduces heat loss, and therefore, operating cost.Each cover is custom fit to your spa to provide the best possible seal and overall attractiveness. These covers are available in one or two-pound density foam tapered from four-to-two inches to allow water to easily run off. Many cheaper covers are made of one-pound, flat foam, which allows water to puddle. Standing water causes the cover to rot, sag and eventually break. When a cover fails it starts to absorb water, making it very heavy.



Cover Lifts

Covermate 1 – The #1 sold cover lift in the industry. Features include:


  • Attractive

  • Sleek, low profile, ergonomic look compliments any spa.

  • Easy to Use

  • Every spa user can operate with ease.

  • Space Efficient

  • As little as 10″ clearance behind the spa is needed. Fits up to 8′ spa.

  • Simple Design

  • Proven to be absolutely trouble-free, with only one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism.




Perfect for everyone…Features include:


  • Adds Safety

  • Get into your spa with confidence.

  • Secure

  • Slip-free, black foam grip included.

  • Rigid Mounting System

  • Consisting of two heavy duty plastic mounting brackets with eight screws each.

  • High-Grade Materials

  • Black powder-coated, rust-free aluminum.




Strong, stable, and attractive, the DuraStep II is the next generation DuraStep! Best entry level step available today.


  • 27″ Wide by 25.5″ Long and 15″ High

  • Comes in a wide variety of colors

  • 700-pound weight capacity

  • Works with both square and round spas








Keeps your spa essentials close by and out of the spaFeatures:


  • Center pivot design allows SpaCaddy to swing in or out of the spa.

Mounts on virtually any spa.

  • Made of reinforced, weather-resistant plastic.

Equipped with a stainless steel upright post.

  • New Grey color accents any spa.

  • Large sculptured design able to hold towels, robes, glasses, and more.


Spa Paks


If your control pak and pump are worn out, but your shell and pipes are still in good shape, STOP. It is not necessary to buy a new spa. Call the experts at Olympic Pool and Spa.Our complete spa packs represent the most cost-effective solution to return your controls and equipment to brand new condition (including the warranty!)

Standard features include:


  • 110/220 volt 1.5/5.5KW flow-through stainless steel heater

  • 1.5 horsepower, 2 speed pump

  • 1 horsepower air blower

  • 12 volt light transformer with bulb

  • Thermostatically controlled equipment (means lower utility cost)

  • Ozone ready (see heading above)

  • 24 time clock

  • Compact design including base

  • One year manufacturer’s warranty



Spa Chemicals

We help maintain our customers water chemistry with Spa Marvel products.



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